Recruiting In A New Era. Pt. 2

A Person Fixing a Puzzle of People Figures

With this blog, we’ll pick up where we left off last week discussing the adaptations necessary to successfully recruit in the pandemic’s wake. 


Keep an eye out for talent with adaptability. 

With the nature of many jobs rapidly changing, and with many jobs being eliminated altogether, many professionals with established careers are looking for something new. Whether they’ve lost interest in their past work or it’s simply not a sustainable financial option anymore, these are workers with an established professional history, though their skills may not entirely line up with what’s required for the role you’re filling. If someone with an impressive resume expresses interest in your company, you should give them a closer look whether or not their previous experience is a perfect match. 

Adaptability is a professional characteristic that cannot be understated. Many companies that are still thriving today survived due to the ability of their employees to adapt to a rapidly changing and complex scenario. Many employees learned new skills to address new needs within the organization, and through their adaptability they managed to keep the ship afloat. This is not the first nor will it be the last time companies face a crisis that forces them to make drastic changes in their operations and procedures. From this angle, hiring an adaptive workforce can be viewed as a form of insurance. 


Don’t lose your team in your search for a new MVP.

While it’s important to lock down the talent you need, it’s equally important to keep hold of your company’s current key players. Worker anxiety is exceptionally high during these times, and even the most valuable members of your team may doubt that their job security is fully intact. When employees sense that their jobs are vulnerable, whether those fears are real or imagined, they will begin to explore their options. In many cases, these “options” may be alluring enough to accelerate their departure from the company without any real threat to their current role. If your company is doing well, make it known to the whole team. If it isn’t, make sure you are making the importance of your team known to them. 

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