7 Work-Life Balance Tips

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Creating the perfect balance between work and home can be a constant challenge especially when modern careers seem to require more from us. Schedules are busier now more than ever, which causes both work and personal lives to suffer. In this blog, we take a look how to help employees find the ideal work-life balance thus reducing stress at work.

Before we look at tips, lets define Work-life balance. Work-life balance means balancing the numerous demands of family, friends, yourself, and your career. When your employees feel a better sense of control over their own lives, they will have better success with overall time management. This will allow your employees to leave home issues at home and work issues at work. Employees who find the ideal work-life balance tend to be more motivated and in return increase their productivity.

When a company can help their employees reach a positive work-life balance, it will be seen as a more appealing place to work allowing the company to attract talent as well as increase the employee retention rate. While this isn’t an exhaustive list of tips, there are a few tips to promote work-life balance within the office without disregarding productivity or efficiency.

1. Create a Family-Friendly Work Environment

Consider offering a family-friendly work environment. As most parents know, your duties do not stop when you leave for work in the morning. Offices with a family-friendly work environment benefit both the employers and the employees. If possible, consider providing an onsite childcare facility with trusted staff to take the stress out of babysitting or daycare services. If this is not an option, think about offering your employees a childcare service discount. If neither option is possible, just be flexible with your employee’s duties to care for their children.  If the employee needs a flexible start and end time to drop or pick up kids from school, allow it.

2. Allow a Flexible Schedule

Without compromising the productivity of your company, give your employees the freedom to work remotely when they need to. Whether it be due to an emergency or a sick child, allowing your employees to work remotely shows you trust them. Plus, your employee doesn’t have to waste an entire day off.

3. Encourage Exercise

One of the best ways to relieve stress is through exercise. Plus, employees who exercise regularly and have a healthy lifestyle are less likely to get sick and miss days from work. Many office buildings offer an on-site gym facility or sponsored health and wellness programs. If this isn’t an option, consider offering your employees a discounted membership at a nearby gym. Encourage your employees to stay active.

4. Take a Break

Sitting in front of a computer screen for an extended period of time is not only uncomfortable but can lead to health issues. It is important for your employees to take mental breaks throughout the day. Even a stretch or walk around the office makes a difference. Encourage breaks throughout the day. This will allow your employees to do their job more effectively and with a better attitude.

5. Encourage Vacation

Many employees feel the pressure to work every day without considering their personal needs. Although most companies offer  paid vacation time, only 50% of American workers actually take use vacation time  according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Encourage your employees to take advantage of their vacation days! One way to do so is to not let vacation days carry over if they go unused. Vacation days are important for a positive work-life balance. 

6. Plan Gatherings Outside Of The Office

Plan Gatherings Outside Of The Office Another way to promote a positive work-life balance is to schedule occasional company outings. Plan a gathering outside of the office to allow coworkers to get to know each other in a stress-free environment. This could be as easy as treating your team to lunch at a restaurant or providing tickets to a local sporting event.

7. Offer Community Service Opportunities

Offer Community Service Opportunities Consider offering your employees a few hours of paid volunteer time. The amount of time you are able to offer may vary, but this is a great incentive to get your employees to get involved within the community. Offering paid volunteer time allows your employees time off that is meaningful to both the company and the individual.

Give your employees the chance to take control of their work and home lives. This will allow your employees to feel satisfied with their job, and in return increase your employee retention rate and company productivity. Contact us today and we’ll reach out to you ASAP to provide the solutions you need.